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We are an AirBnB SUPERHOST

That huge tufted linen cloth King bed says "jump right in and get comfortable".

Huge 400sqft master bedroom with work area, dressing area, sleep area, dressing area, and bathroom.

Access to the balcony is steps from your bed :)

View of walk-thru dressing area and large number of closets, dressing mirrors, laundry basket.

Access to your very own master bathroom is steps away.

Huge 150 sqft bathroom with walk-in shower

Lorenzetti rain-head instant shower system installed.

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Ensuite Bdrm+King Bed+2 Balconies in❤️of Westlands

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Balcony 1 view from the outside master bedroom, facing north/east to central westlands.

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Balcony 2: views of GTC, Upper Hill, Hurlingham, Yaya, and even Ngong Hills